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9 Tipps für die Vorbereitung auf das FCE

Successful to the FCE The Frist Certificate Exam (FCE) is an English certificate from the University of Cambridge. It is an excellent qualification for various employers and universities around the world. This English diploma can give you better job opportunities or admission to a secondary school. The FCE requires a higher level of English (B2), which is tested


BEC Higher oder CAE

BEC Higher or Certificate Advanced in English? In this online English course report, you can find the essential differences of the BEC Higher and CAE exam. When should which exam be taken? For whom is the BEC Higher or CAE exam suitable? We will give you an expert recommendation for the exams. What is the BEC Higher? BEC


Die verschiedenen Sprachniveaus

The explanation of the different language levels A1 – C2 In today’s article, we will explain to you briefly and concisely the different language levels that the Common European Framework of Reference has defined. The levels can be applied to all languages. Everyone who is learning or has already learned a new language has been confronted with

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