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Testen Sie jetzt Ihr Wissen mit unserem speziell konzipiertem Einstufungstest. Mit diesem Test können Sie Ihr aktuelles Level ermitteln.

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Q.1) I ______ eighteen years old.
Q.2) We enjoy ______ chocolate.
Q.3) I have ______ to New York twice.
Q.4) The girls were eating pizza ______ a little restaurant ______ Duke Street.
Q.5) Paul has lived in Rome ______ he was seven years of age.
Q.6) I wish we ______ booked the flight earlier.
Q.7) The sky is full of dark clouds. It ______ rain heavily.
Q.8) There are ______ Indian elephants in the world today.
Q.9) I’ve been to Sydney many times but I ______ get lost.
Q.10) The manager ______ the employees to check their payslips carefully in case of any mistakes.
Q.11) Jennifer ______ orange juice but now she doesn’t.
Q.12) The company’s latest laptop ______ just gone into production.
Q.13) Last night, Christopher heard a noise downstairs when he was in bed. His cat was asleep on his bed, so it ______ been the cat.
Q.14) Danielle has always loved ______ time with animals. She would really like to become a vet one day.
Q.15) “If only you ______ stop texting people at the dinner table.”
Q.16) My daughter Eleanor really admires tennis players. She ______ them.
Q.17) The ______ physical exercise you do the ______ you will become.
Q.18) My grandmother is ______ agile as she used to be when she was younger.
Q.19) Firefighters ______ fires.
Q.20) If he ______ won the lottery, he wouldn’t have ______ money from the bank to buy a new car.
Q.21) The spectators all cheered as their teams ran out onto the rugby ______.
Q.22) I have no brothers or sisters. Therefore, I am an ______ child.
Q.23) Which is the odd one out?
Q.24) Which is the odd one out when describing the weather?
Q.25) My father is a doctor, he treats many ______ daily.
Q.26) The disease ______ to neighbouring countries.
Q.27) It took the jury nine hours to reach their ______.
Q.28) After his hospital operation, Luke felt tired and ______.
Q.29) My cat had to be put down last week. I ______ into tears when my parents told me the news.
Q.30) The wildlife charity allows people to ______ an animalfrom the list of endangered species.
Q.31) Due to the ongoing financial crisis, the company has experienced a decrease in ______.
Q.32) The dealer was ______ to negotiate with the customer on the price of the new car.
Q.33) The students ______ on the science project.
Q.34) Michael was dreading the exam, he felt fairly ______ about passing it.
Q.35) King Edward VIII ______ the throne in 1936.
Q.36) The archaeologists discovered valuable ______ evidence at the site.
Q.37) Our teacher, who is a perfectionist is ______ when it comes to marking homework and exams.
Q.38) The chef ______ the piece of steak before placing it into a ______ pan.
Q.39) The situation was in the process of becoming worse. It was ______ out of control.
Q.40) Vast ______ of the country were ______ into darkness as a result of the power cut.


Q.41) Eleanor was fired from her job.
Q.42) She enjoyed working at the call centre.  
Q.43) She moved into her grandmother’s house after she died.
Q.44) Her grandmother had always wanted to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  
Q.45 )Her passport had expired.  
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