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BEC Higher oder CAE

BEC Higher oder CAE

BEC Higher or Certificate Advanced in English?

In this online English course report, you can find the essential differences of the BEC Higher and CAE exam. When should which exam be taken? For whom is the BEC Higher or CAE exam suitable? We will give you an expert recommendation for the exams.

What is the BEC Higher?

BEC Higher (Business English Certificate) is an English certificate from the University of Cambridge (GB). The level of the exam to be passed is in accordance with CE C1. Attention is focused on Business English of International Business at all BEC exams. No business English skills are required to take the BEC Higher. The exam questions are all from the professional life.

What is the Certificate Advanced in English?

The CAE is also an English certificate from the University of Cambridge (GB). The CAE exam requires a level of C1 according to GER. It is a general language certificate with no topic specification. All exam questions come from everyday life.

Which exam is more difficult CAE or BEC Higher?

An exact answer can not be given, since both levels to be stored have according to GER C1. It is difficult to compare the exams, as both deal with different subjects, but they test at the same level.

When should you choose the BEC Higher?

Above all, the BEC Higher is suitable for people who are pursuing a commercial career or are studying for a business degree. Of course, everyone can do the BEC Higher exam.
The revaluation of your application is guaranteed with the BEC Higher. If you want to work for an international corporation, you could use it to solve your ticket. The certificate is highly recognized around the world, which can simplify many things in today’s business world.

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When should you choose the CAE?

The CAE has a high status all over the world. With this diploma you can demonstrate your advanced English language skills. Everyone can earn this diploma from young to old. If you would like to study at a foreign university (eg Great Britain), the CAE can provide you with a place to study or is even a prerequisite. Due to the great international recognition you could exercise your dream job abroad with this certificate.
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Recommendation and tip

Online English Course recommends you to graduate CAE, as it is a general English certificate. We can only recommend the BEC Higher to people who already work or are looking for a job in this sector in this professional sector. Both diplomas have great international recognition, so do not step back with anyone.

We want to give you a tip on the way. If your English level is not sufficient for any of the certificates, you should first try a simpler diploma like the: FCE or BEC Vantage.

Visit our website to find out more about the exams. We of online English course also advise you very much by phone or email.

Good luck and all the best wishes you your Online English Course Team.

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