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  • 9 Tipps für die Vorbereitung auf das FCE

9 Tipps für die Vorbereitung auf das FCE

9 Tipps für die Vorbereitung auf das FCE

Successful to the FCE

The Frist Certificate Exam (FCE) is an English certificate from the University of Cambridge. It is an excellent qualification for various employers and universities around the world. This English diploma can give you better job opportunities or admission to a secondary school. The FCE requires a higher level of English (B2), which is tested during the exam. The following five competencies are part of the First Certificate Exam:

Use of English

In this report, we present you with eight tips to successfully pass the FCE.

Before the exam First exam

It is important that you approach the preparation time for the exam with confidence and positive thoughts. You need to be aware of your own English skills, as each failure can have a negative impact on further learning. The exam should only be taken when you feel ready and confident that you can pass the exam. You should invest enough time before setting an exam date. On average, a 6-week preparation time is predicted. At Online Englischkurs we recommend that you take a private course with us. You can set a suitable preparation time with your teacher.
The cost of taking the exam in Germany is around 175 euros. Since the exam is very expensive, it is important to prepare optimally and specifically for the FCE.

The 9 online English course tips:

Tip #1 Always read the exam instructions

Read the given examination instructions carefully and completely. This allows you to avoid unnecessary mistakes and point deductions.

Tip #2 Don’t understand certain questions on the FCE exam

If you get stuck on a question, don’t study too long and go straight to the next question. It’s important to keep calm and keep trying your best. Solve the tasks that don’t cause you any problems.

Tip #3 Keep track of the time during the First exam

Keep track of the time. The exam will be withdrawn immediately after the time has expired. It is best to take a watch with you to the exam. (No smartphone «not allowed»)

Tip #4 Use of English of the First Certificate in English exam

The Use of English is a section where you can polish up your score. If you’ve solved enough exercise sheets, this part shouldn’t cause any major difficulties. If you don’t know an answer, solve the next ones and come back to the other question at a later time.

Tip #5 Writing the First Certificate in English exam

The two different essays to be written in 40 minutes have the same maximum score. First, get an overview of the topics and write down a few keywords. You must submit a well-structured essay. Ie introduction, main part and conclusion are the necessary components of your essays. Your own opinion is very important and you must be able to represent it in your own words. In addition, you should not undercut the number of words you want. This can lead to huge point deductions.

Tip #6 Listening to the First Certificate in English exam

Under no circumstances should you try to remember or translate certain words while the audio is playing. Otherwise you will miss a lot of information.
It is best if you take lots of notes during the audio and then answer the questions.

Tip #7 Reading the First Certificate in English exam

You don’t necessarily have enough time to read through the entire text and then answer the associated questions. Read through a few of the questions first, then dive into the text. Most of the time you will find the answer to question #1 right at the beginning Etc.

Tip #8 Speaking of the First Certificate in English exam

Don’t focus too much on the other candidate. Show the experts what you can do and what you have learned.
You will speak for a few minutes during the exam, so it is important to remain calm and composed at all times. Take your time when speaking and, above all, speak clearly so that you are not misunderstood. If you can’t think of a specific word, just paraphrase it. Don’t let your head hang down.

Tip #9 Prepare for the ridge

Book the FCE preparation course via online English course and be successful.

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