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Die verschiedenen Sprachniveaus

Die verschiedenen Sprachniveaus

The explanation of the different language levels A1 – C2

In today’s article, we will explain to you briefly and concisely the different language levels that the Common European Framework of Reference has defined. The levels can be applied to all languages. Everyone who is learning or has already learned a new language has been confronted with these different levels. We at Online Englischkurs go into every level of language education and combine this with an exam (preparation course).

A1 Beginner (Elementary Language Application)

Level A1 is the starting point for learning a new language. You can introduce yourself in simple sentences and ask simple questions about a person. The most important needs can be expressed (eg asking for directions). A short conversation can be had with a native speaker if they speak slowly and clearly. Basic grammar knowledge is acquired at this level. The vocabulary is about 500 words.

A2 Better Beginner (Elementary Language Application)

The students can exchange basic information with a person (e.g. family, place of residence, work, ect.). Own needs can be described and expressed in writing or verbally. Shorter texts, letters, e-mails or postcards can be written with level A2. You have differentiated knowledge of grammar. The vocabulary is about 1000 1600 words.

B1 intermediate level (intermediary/independent language application)

Various situations can easily be mastered during a trip. Your own goals, hopes or plans can be explained well and understandably. The students can understand the most important points from a conversation when it comes to everyday things (e.g. school, free time, etc.). You have more complex grammar knowledge and can apply it in a targeted manner. The vocabulary is about 1600-2200 words.
The BEC preliminary certificate has a level of B1. This is the easiest Business English Certificate from the University of Cambridge. This diploma is suitable for commercial trainees.

B2 good intermediate level (advanced/independent language use)

With level B2, the language application is already at a very high level. You can spontaneously comment on topics and represent your own opinion without much effort. A conversation with a native speaker is not an obstacle for the students. Various essays at a very high level can be written correctly.
All essential points of grammar are understood and used correctly. The vocabulary is about 4000 – 6000 words.
The language level B2 corresponds to the Cambridge exams FCE (First Certificate in English) or BEC Vantage. Both language diplomas have high international recognition.

C1 Proficient use of language

Students can understand a wide range of demanding texts. One can converse fluently on various topics without having to search for explicit words. The language itself can be used and applied effectively and flexibly at work or at university. The existing grammar knowledge is very comprehensive and detailed. These can be specifically applied in longer essays. The vocabulary is about 6000
The Business in English Certificate Higher and CAE (Certificate Advanced in English) corresponds to level C1. These two diplomas open up many opportunities in the professional world.

C2 Excellent (Proficient Use of Language)

Language level C2 corresponds to that of a native speaker. Anything read or heard is easily understood. The written expression is on a demanding level, which can always be explained and justified in detail. You can talk about complex issues very fluently and almost without an accent. The grammar is highly internalized and applied almost automatically. The vocabulary is at least 6000 words.
The CPE (Certificate Proficiency in English) with a level of C2 is one of the most difficult certificates that can be completed. With this diploma you can recognize your excellent knowledge of English.

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