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Have you ever thought about learning online

Have you ever thought about learning online

Have you ever thought about learning online? Have you ever tried it? Maybe you have a lot of preconceived ideas about how it will be. Well here is your chance to learn more about the online learning world.

How it used to be.

When you think back to your school days there was probably no technology used. I know that even now, some teachers collect mobile phones at the start of their lessons, so the children can’t be “distracted.” However, is this the right thing to be doing? Should we be keeping education the way that as it was; Chalkboards and the teacher talking in the front of the class, or should be be molding our lessons to the way that children want to learn.

As the world is changing there are more and more new forms of technology emerging. We buy a new smart phone only to see the new version coming out a few weeks later. Why should technology keep changing but education not. Well, it has started progressing. Teachers now use smart boards which are interactive and always fun when a student wants to give a presentation and gets to use it themselves.

Getting with the times.

When I taught in a school I would use media all the time.  At home they can watch TV, listen to music and send texts to friends, all the while completely following the story they are watching. When I realised that my students could listen to music while writing essays, I realised it would help them focus, so I didn’t want to take that away from them. I would show videos with images to help the students see visually what I was saying. Less and less children are learning through listening or reading, more by doing and seeing. Media interaction is at the forefront of education these days.

Going online.

So how does this help you? What does online tutoring and children in school have to do with you? You have most of the resources you need. You can completely self educate, that is, to teach yourself everything without a teacher. You can be more media orientated than the children. There are only a few problems with that.

You might learn something completely off topic. The videos might be going way too fast for you to understand and keep up. You might need something explained in a different way. All of this can be achieved through the online tutor. At the end of they day, you still need someone with experience to help and guide you to your end goal.

What online tutoring looks like.

Online tutoring is tailor made to your exact need. You get to choose at what time you want your lesson, which is great for a busy and changing schedule. It is even great for those with a set routine. You choose when, how long and how regularly. Luckily, your first meeting with your tutor is also free, so you can be assessed and get to know your tutor.

Your tutor will then recommend how long you need to achieve your goal and how often. This is then up to you, if you want to and then you are free to set your times. One session is 45 minutes long. This means you will always have full session and hopefully look forward to the next. Once this is all done you will be on your way to reaching your goal, weather it is to get to know a language better, write an exam, better your knowledge in business or any particular field. There is a tutor out there for you.


The world is changing rapidly and we need to change with it. Going online means that you can learn in the comfort of your own home or workplace, or even a coffee shop. All you need is skype and a mind ready to learn. You are in control of when are where. Online tutoring is tailor made to suit your needs and the right tutor is just an e-mail away.

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