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TOEFL Test Vorbereitung

TOEFL Test Vorbereitung

TOEFL Test Vorbereitung

Der Test of Englisch as a Foreign Language (TOEFL Test) wird von vielen Universitäten im englischsprachigen Raum als Nachweis ausreichender Englischkenntnisse gefordert. Oft drängt bei der Bewerbung die Zeit, weswegen eine schnelle und effektive TOEFL Test Vorbereitung empfehlenswert ist. Unsere TOEFL Test Vorbereitung findet auch in einem engen Terminkalender Platz, weil Sie die Zeiten für Ihre Online Vorbereitung frei wählen können.

Im TOEFL Test geht es um sprachliche Genauigkeit

Our individual lessons by certified online teachers prepare you specifically for the requirements of the test. A focus of our TOEFL test preparation is therefore on the academic usage. Composing an essay is a major hurdle for many candidates because academic discussion requires a special vocabulary that many have rarely encountered before. In the evaluation of the essay great emphasis is placed on a linguistically precise reasoning. Even if you can talk pretty well in English, you should try our free trial lesson without obligation.

A realistic TOEFL test preparation

The TOEFL test is based on exact rules. The exam situation, sitting alone in front of a PC with a headset, is unfamiliar. It certainly helps if you know exactly what to expect during the approximately four-hour test through our one to one lesson. In addition, you will receive realistic feedback on your performance during online preparation. At the end of our TOEFL test preparation, you know that you can easily master the test. There is no better recipe for testing stress in the TOEFL test!

What you can expect from us

Of course, you will not only receive a free trial lesson, but also extensive free course materials in the course. We also adjust our online lessons to your schedule, we are there for you seven days a week from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. With this individual and professional preparation, you can effortlessly master the TOEFL test.

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We look forward to you!

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